Anti-Drawing Machine
Your Mischievous Partner-In-Drawing
Archeology of CAD
Software Reconstructions of early computer aided design systems
Design Computing
Forays into computing for architecture
Linguistic Clock
The Ambiguity of Language Meets the Specificity of Time
Low Relief
The Virtual and Material Cultures of Architectural Deceit
Beard of Boids
A Rather Determined Flock of Beard Hairs
An urban grid for the 22nd century
Regal Shoe Store
A Local Icon
Bath House
The Eyes of the Skin
Augmented Sound
Sound Based Augmented Reality App
Robotic Torture Zoo
Need I Say More?
Kill The Bird
A Networked Tug-of-War Game
Point Compositions
Mathematical Transformations of Points
Library Addition
A parasitic addition for Hunt Library @ CMU
New Media Art Center
Mies meets Lina Bo Bardi
Urban Farming Center
A Community Focused Growing Lab
Technical Drawings
God and Devil are in the details
Projects exploring architecture, design and fabrication
Rethinking the Future Awards
A Competition Winning Project
Origami Creatures
Foldable little beasts to play with
Make Limericks, Not Hate
A Collection of Limericks Made from the President's Tweets
Thesis Proposal
A Theory of Design Tools
An Engineer Writes
On the PoMo of Technology
Advertisements for Architecture
A parody of / homage to Tschumi
Negligence by Design
How architecture propagates the bystander effect
Wood Span
Firmitas, Gravitas, Venustas