Forays into computation for architecture.

When: Nov-Dec 2017

Who I worked with: Done under Prof Ramesh Krishnamurti .

What I learned: Experience developing tools for Rhino and Grasshopper that have potential use in industry.

What this was: Tools that used agent-based modeling to simulate fire performance in a building, generate floor plans based on binary notation, and used generative shape grammars.

The project above is a solver for fire escape performance in a building using the floor plan. It simulates the response of occupants as if there were an actual fire in the building, which includes avoiding obstacles, picking the shortest path possible, and following other people. At the end of the simulation the system produces statistics on how the building performed, including the overall time taken. Some things that I wish to include in a future iteration is a simulated fire as well, which could easily be reproduced using the flood fill algorithm.