A rather determined flock of beard hairs

When: Oct 2018

Who I worked with: Done under Prof Golan Levin .

What I learned: How to create a digital experience that interacts with and responds to the human body. Done using Face OSC and Processing.

What this was: Beard hairs which followed the viewer's face around. Because beard hair often has associations of "manliness" and strength, this project attempts to subvert the meanings inherent in beards to create a playful, gross and weirdly determined flock of beard hairs that follow the user's face around.

Feedback received: "This is weird and wonderful" - fellow students.

Beard Follows You Around

I've also re-created everyone's beloved childhood game Wolly Willy, but a digitized version, so the beard hairs follow you along.


Another version uses flies that follow you around, though with some rather dark connotations.

As a smaller side-project, I wanted to see how I could animate artworks using faces, bringing older masterpieces to life, and interact with them in a whole new way. Here's what I stumbled upon.

Dali Painting

Here's a bonus with the Mona Lisa